Monthly Archives: August 2010

Keller Family

Wow.  Now here is a family of fabulous smiles.  No begging and pleading for smiles on this shoot.  And an amazing location that just made it perfect.  Thanks guys, and I’m glad we all survived the “cheese and chiggers” part of the evening.

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Quinnin – 2 yrs

Looking a these pictures I see a boy where my baby is supposed to be!  He is shooting up and loosing the chub.  He was ON THE GO during this shoot, and not about to look my way even for a second.  So I settled for snapping the smiles that he sent Tyler’s way every now and […]

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Melissa and Andy Wedding

So it was 100 plus degrees while I shot this wedding, outdoors, it the middle of the afternoon, but it was gorgeous.  The bride didn’t look the least bit sweaty, the rose petals not a bit wilted, and all the guests were given ice cold bottled water as they arrived.  It was an awesome day, […]

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